How do I add a Scorer to a team?
Click here for instructions

Is there a restriction on how many Scorers a team can have?
No, you can have as many as you want

Why do Scorers need to register?
A scorer is submitting information to your Provincial Union surrounding your team selections and final results.  It is important this can be verified and associated with an authorised person. 

What do I do if a player plays in two teams within my club or school​​​​​​​?
In teambuilder, a player can only belong to one Squad - we recommend the player is placed in the squad they most frequently play in (you can change this later as needed). 

What do we do if we have a late player sign-up on the day?
A club administrator can access the registration for the player on their mobile device, and update the "team" value to an existing squad.  This will enable the player to become available for team selection (pending adherence to official eligibility rules)

What's the difference between a Scorer and a Team admin?
The Team Admin permission should only be provided to authorised members of your coaching/management team.  This permission will allow the person to login to Sporty and view and edit the contact details of the team members in their squad, as well as provide them with access to the app to submit teamsheets and submit results. The scorer permission only grants the user with access to the MyRugby Manager app, to submit teamsheets and submit results.

I can't figure out why someone doesn't have access to their fixtures in the app
Please check the Club Administrator user guide for troubleshooting steps.  If you are still unsuccessful, please contact your Provincial Union for further assistance.  They will escalate your issue to our support team if they are unable to assist.