Which grades will use the app?
All grades can use the app

How do I get the app?
It's available now in the App Store and Google Play Store

Who can access the app to score our team games?
Anyone that your team/club gives access to. This could be players (e.g., captain), coach, manager or parent volunteers.

How do I get access to the app to score our team games?
​​​​​​​You first need to download and install the app and obtain the scorer code from your club/school administrator. For more instructions, please refer to this page.

I forgot my password
You can request a password reset from the sign-in page

I forgot my username
Your username is most commonly the email address that you used to register with.  Check the email sent to you, or check with your club admin and they can confirm your username with you.  

I am not getting the password reset email
Have you checked your junk mail?  If you are not receiving the password reset email, ask your club admin to confirm that the email address associated with your user is correct.

I have logged in, and I can't see my game?
​​​​​​​1. Has your draw been created? You can tell by checking on the website or on the draws button.

2. Check with your club admin that you have access to the right team.

3. Ask your club admin to check your username is correct.  

4. If this still does not resolve your issue, please note your username, the device you are using, and the version of the app you are running. Give this information to your club administrator. They can contact our support team on your behalf with details of the club/school, team, and your user details so we can investigate further.

What happens on Saturday if no-one has the app to score our game?
We recommend that more than 1 person in the team is given scorer access for their team. For example, a player that is reliably at your games can provide their phone to a substitute on the sideline or a volunteer who could score on the app just like they normally would on a paper card. 

Do you have to be online/using data to use the app?
Only to select a team or submit a final result, everything else can be done offline on game day. Please note, your score will not be submitted to your Provincial Union until you reconnect to data/Wi-Fi.

Will I get a notifications if there are changes to a match?
This is at the discretion of your provnicial union.

I've noticed that information is incorrect. How do I get this rectified?
Please contact your Provincial Union

Selecting Game Day Teams

Do we have to select our team in the app?
Selecting your "Game Day Team" is an important part of the process in monitoring player eligibility. If a game day team is not selected, you can still score the game, but the goal statistics will not be counted against a player, and we will be unable to count this game towards your "games played" tally for finals.

A player doesn't appear for selection in my game day Team in the app.
Players must be registered AND placed in a team by a club official in order to be selected for your game day team. We recommend your club advises all teams who they should contact within your club if you receive a late registration that needs to be placed into a team urgently.

Do my players need to Active to be selected in my Game Day Team
There are some instances where a player cannot be made active in Sporty and still require selection in a Game Day Team.  There is not currently any restriction preventing selection of Pending players in the App. 

What if we don't have a full team?
You can leave a position blank when submitting your team sheet.

What do we do if we need to borrow players to make up our team?
​​​​​​​You can select other players from your club to play in your game day team by clicking the "Select from other squad" option. 

What do I do if a player plays in two teams within my club or school
​​​​​​In teambuilder, a player can only belong to one Squad - we recommend the player is placed in the squad they most frequently play in (you can change this later as needed).


Scoring the Game

My phone died or I need to leave in the middle of the game while I am scoring, what do I do?
Before your phone goes flat, request someone else on the team logs in and "catches up" to the score that you are keeping. They can submit the final score on their own device, and you can "delete" your record of the game. If all else fails, the other team should also be keeping score on their own devices OR you can keep the score manually on a piece of paper and update the app later on.

After I submitted my score, the app is showing the result in red. What does this mean?
The app performs checks of your score submission vs the opposition team score submission to confirm your scores match. If the score displays in Red, this means there is a conflict in the score. Check with the opposition scorer to see if you can resolve the conflict, and click "edit score" to edit and resubmit.

The score I am adding is not showing as a live score on the website.
Only the Home Team scorer (the team on the left of the draw) is considered the "live scorer" so their results will update to the website.

What do the the different colours of results mean on our website?
= confirmed score, Blue = Live Score, Red = Contested Score.  A contested score will always display the home team's submission until the score is finalised by your Provincial Union or resolved by scorers in the app.


It is game day and I have a problem that isn't answered here, what do I do?

1. Use your second scorer's phone for this weekend and sort out on Monday

2. Contact your club administrator in the first instance to check if they can help

3. If they can't help, ask your club administrator to contact your Provincial Union.