MyRugby Manager for Referees

How Do I Start?

When you register as a referee, you receive a username and password for use in AppointMe. This username and password should also be used for MyRugby Manager.

When you have been assigned and accepted a fixture in AppointMe, the fixture will then appear when you login to MyRugby Manager (if the fixture if publicly visible). 

Viewing Game Day Teams

  • Once you have logged in, the two team logos will be displayed in the playlist. 
  • Click each team logo to view their submitted game day teams, which also nominates the teams "Front Row" players.

Scoring Games and Lodging Red/Yellow/Blue Cards issued during a game

  • After the game has finished, the head referee should submit the results through the MyRugby Manager app.  A score will already appear if the teams have submitted their own version of the score. If the score is red, the teams disagree on the final score. The referee submitted score will always be considered the final confirmed score.
  • Start the timer, then enter the game events - you do not need to nominate the player EXCEPT when reporting Red, Yellow or Blue cards.
  • Lodge Red, Yellow, Blue cards in the timeline as they occured in the game. 
  • You do not need to enter scoring events (tries, conversions etc) unless this is required by your union.  
  • Submit the score (which will be 0-0 if you do not add socring events) and add a comment as required - this comment will be visible to the Competition Administrator only.

Completing Red/Yellow/Blue Card match reports

After score submission, if your submission contained Red, Yellow or Blue card events, you will be prompted to Submit a Report against these events. Clicking this hyperlink will open a pre-filled Disciplinary or Injury report. 

You will currently need to enter the following values. Some of these values may pre-fill in a future release.

  • Playing position (select from picklist)
  • Period of match when incident occurred (text field)
  • Elapsed time in half (text field)
  • Score at the time (text field)
  • Proximity to event (text field)
  • Infringement/law broken (select from picklist)
  • Had cautions been issued (Yes/No)
  • Circumstance of suspension (text field)
  • Nature of offense (text field)
  • Detailed report (text field)
  • Description of how injury occurred (text field)

Click Submit to complete the report. Now tap the arrow to return to the timeline view to submit any further reports.

The hyperlink will continue to display Submit Report even if you have already submitted a report. You are currently unable to view or edit previously submitted reports.         


I don't know my username

Check with the Referee Appointments Officer at your Provincial Union. They will be able to advise your username.

I dont know my password

Tap Forgot password in the MyRugby App to have a password reminder emailed to you. This will change your password for AppointMe and MyRugby Manager.

I didn't get my password reminder email

This likely means the email you registered with was entered incorrectly. Please contact your Referee Appointments Officer ar your Provincial Union and they will raise a support ticket with our helpdesk to get this updated to your correct email address.

My fixtures are not displayed

This could mean:

a) you have logged in with the wrong username. Confirm you are using the same username that you use for AppointMe.

b) the fixtures are not published publicly yet. Sometimes you may be assigned to fixtures that have not been released to the public. Check the Provincial Union draws page to  check if the fixture is displayed.

c) you have not confirmed your acceptance of the fixture assigned to you in AppointMe.

Loading for the first time

When you login to the app for the first time, please ensure your phone is connected to the internet (either WiFi or data network). The app will download all your relevant game information the first time you login. 

Working offline

The app has been built to work offline. However, if you intend using the app without internet connection it is recommended that you launch the app while online before the game to sync in any recently updated game information. Whilst you can submit the final score when offline, you will need to open the app to complete sending the score submission to your Provincial Union once you are back online. You will be unable to complete Red, Yellow and Blue card reports while offline.

Do I have to submit a score?  

You can use the app solely to submit Disciplinary and Injury reports.  The card events you submit will appear for your Provincial Union, but the 0-0 score will not override the scores submitted by the teams. Please check with your Provincial Union to confirm their requirements.

How do additional officials submit a report (e.g. Touch Judges)?  

Additional supporting reports can be submitted using an Online Form provided by your Provincial Union.  

Am I in charge of scoring the game live?  

No, the home team scorer is responsible for completing the live score submissions. You can submit your results at game completion if you prefer.

There is no report option displayed after I submitted a Red, Yellow or Blue Card?  

This means that you did not assign the card against a player, the team did not submit their team sheet or you have not updated your app to the version that supports these reports. You will need to complete an Online Form provided by your Provincial Union. Please ensure teams have submitted their team sheet prior to match commencement to ensure you can submit a pre-filled Disciplinary or Injury report.

Will I receive a copy of the report?

You will currently be unable to view or edit submitted reports. Please contact your Provincial Union to request a copy or make updates. 

What if I haven't used the app to submit the Red/Yellow/Blue Cards

It is recommended that the app is used.  Some Provincial Unions allow submission of an online form as an alternative (NZ Rugby Blue Card Report (Manual Submission) and Disciplinary Report (Manual Submission)), but completion of a manual submission form will not allow the Provincial Union to digitally restrict a player from being selected in the MyRugby Manager app in future matches during the period of thier concussion/judicial stand-down periods.